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Golden garden revamp 
Last year (2017) it was decided to replace our old flower beds, and so a plan was approved by the committee and work started in September of 2017. 
Here is our story

Well it all started with the removal of the old beds, this was easier said than done, the posts that made the beds though rotten proved very difficult to remove. 

We had lots of methods including just hitting them with a sledgehammer, even our secretary had a go.

The biggest removal of posts and earth was achieved by helpers, these included volunteers from bpha and wates, we even had some police recruits for a day, we thank all those who pitched in.

Slowly the land got cleared.

Then came the heavy work, we had decided we would use reclaimed railway sleepers, and as nice as they looked are very heavy and large, but with a bit of back ache a homemade trolley and the old tested roller technique we managed to get them all in place and filled with earth.

Then came the paving slabs for our path and Jim’s speciality crazy paving for our table area and in front of the new shop.

The work is still on going but we are not to far from completion 

We have just recently finished putting up the polytunnel.

So in summary so far since September 2017 we have :-

Removed old bed posts (some burnt most donated).

Oh one post was managed to be taken out whole, this one we have kept and is now holding up a bird table.

We moved about 12 tons of soil (in fact we moved it twice first time out of old beds and second time putting it back into the new beds).

About 36 railway sleepers.

About 50 paving slabs.

A lot of bits of paving slabs for the crazy paving.

And a lot of hard work 

Please do not mention posts to us even now we are still finding them!

We even have plants growing in the new beds 

We have strawberries that where replanted from the old beds

And our first plant that has grown from seed in the new bed? Broad beans